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Dr. Lisa Stearns Cancer Pain Foundation

Dr. Lisa Stearns Cancer Pain Foundation will continue to conduct research, offer education and treatment in the field of cancer pain management.


  • Provide medical treatment and social services to terminal cancer patients who could not otherwise afford such treatment or services.
  • Conduct research regarding the efficacy and effectiveness of various treatment options available in cancer pain treatment.
  • Develop nationally recognized standards for pain management in terminal cancer patients.
  • Educate physicians, insurance providers and other health management organizations to increase awareness of proper cancer pain management.

Pain removes hope and destroys the will to live. Aggressive pain control restores quality of life and reunites families. In the patient with progressive cancer, the time before death is invaluable, uncontrolled pain leaves families helpless and guilt-ridden. The death of a suffering family member is a memory forever cemented without resolve. The relief of pain prior to death allows the patient to become the healer who helps his family begin to grieve and let go. Death, in this case, is simply the end of a wonderful life.

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Obituary For Dr. Lisa Stearns

Dr. Lisa Stearns @ CPSC Facebook

With a heavy heart and deep sadness, we are writing to inform that our friend and Cancer Pain champion, Dr. Lisa Stearns, has tragically passed following an accident at her home in Mexico. There are no words to express all the good that was Dr. Stearns. Read more . . .

American Society of Pain and Neuroscience

It is with great sadness we mourn the loss of our close friend and colleague Dr. Lisa Stearns, MD. Last month Lisa was selected as a recipient of the ASPN cancer pain physician of the decade award. Read more . . .

Cancer Pain Research Consortium

Dr. Stearns was one of our founding Board Members, and her vision of medical practice and her determination to relieve the burdens of pain and suffering is the foundation upon which we've built this organization. She was committed to helping patients find their lives beyond a painful diagnosis. Read more . . .

Center for Pain and Supportive Care Continuing Dr. Stearns' Legacy

We will remain open and available to new and existing patients in her honor.

From early on in her career, Dr. Stearns was an innovator and educator. She taught families, patients, and the clinical community at large that traumas, relationships, health choices and spirituality cannot be ignored in the treatment of pain. Hundreds of doctors from around the nation and world have been impacted by her philosophy to treat the whole person as the path to a better quality of life.


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Cancer Pain, Intrathecal Pumps, and a tribute to Lisa Stearns, M.D.

Dr. Lisa Stearns, founder and medical director of Center for Pain and Supportive Care, provides innovative, personalized and holistic pain management treatments to improve overall function and quality of life for patients. She is an internationally renowned Interventional Pain Specialist board certified in hospice and palliative medicine and pain management. Her passion for changing the face of chronic pain treatment is evidenced by the active research department at CPSC specializing in both chronic and cancer pain research since 2003. Founder of the Valley Cancer Pain Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated solely to cancer pain research, Dr. Stearns raises awareness and educates families, patients and providers on integrating interventional pain treatments. She is also a co-founder and executive committee member of the Cancer Pain Clinical Research Consortium, a group of doctors from across the nation working to find the latest and best treatments for cancer pain. Dr. Stearns has authored numerous articles, actively and frequently speaks at events in her field, continuously imparting her passion for transitioning patients back into life.

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